Balfour Books, LLC
Balfour Declarations Epub logoAlmost like an unseen force, the Arab-Israeli conflict—and the broader flashpoint of the Middle East—shows no signs of abating, and the struggles there impact literally around the globe.

To this end, Balfour Books will be launching this coming Spring 2014 a line of print and digital books called Balfour Declarations, each of which tackle a specific issue related to this troubled region. From questions of rights to the land to the history of Israel’s founding, a select group of experts tackle the thorniest topics.

Each “declaration” is written and formatted to be accessible to anyone. At Balfour, we’ve discovered a hungry new market for such content—as America navigates the minefield of terrorism, strategic alliances, and questions about energy production and consumption, Declarations will make sure that the reader understands the issues that affect us all.

To kick this project off, Alex Grobman, acclaimed historian and scholar, will address five of the most driving questions facing this divided audience of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict; namely:

Essential Question 1: Whose Land Is It?

Essential Question 2: Is There A Campaign to Delegitimize Israel?

Essential Question 3: Israel’s Faltering Image: Does Media Bias Exist?

Essential Question 4: Is Israel Held To A Double Standard?

Essential Question 5:: What is The Arab Boycott?