Balfour Books, LLC
In this forthcoming Balfour Books production, Jerry Klinger, President of the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation, has written a timely perspective of Christians who played a vital role in shaping the past political and economic landscape of pre-state Israel. 
Balfour Books is encouraged by this title, Israel’s Christian Zionist Heroes, and sees it has a welcome piece to reuniting both the Jewish and Christian communities to further Pro-Israel advocacy by revisiting these salient stories from yesteryear.

This title is schedule for production late spring of 2014.

Introduction by  Jerry Klinger:

As a child of survivors of the Holocaust and educated in an orthodox Yeshivah, my knowledge of Christians and their motivations were always colored darkly. The miraculous rebirth of the Jewish state was attributed solely to Jewish determination, fortitude, will and God’s blessing. Discovering that Israel’s birth was fundamentally midwifed by non-Jewish men and women, some for religious reasons, some for moral reasons, some for varied reasons unknown, was completely unexpected.

Today, Theodor Herzl is revered as the founding father of the Jewish State. Yet, Herzl would have remained an obscure Austrian columnist with only an idea if a Christian minister had not opened the doors of opportunity and guided him through it. 

The British Government’s Balfour Declaration declaring for a Jewish homeland in Palestine would not have been possible if an American Christian had not intervened.

The foundation and training of a Jewish self-defense army would never have happened if Christian officers were not willing to risk their careers, and their lives doing what they believed were the right things to do.

The United Nations would not have voted in favor of the Partition Resolution creating Israel if not for the testimony of a Christian.

There are many more stories that will be shared of Christians who did what no Jew could do and of Christians who joined with Jews to do what was right.