Balfour Books, LLC

Balfour Books sales representatives serve accounts in all major markets. To assist you in contacting a sales representative for your account please select from the following options:


For the following accounts:

Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Books-A-Million, Costcos, Sam’s Club and other American Book Association accounts please contact our sales team at:

Midpoint Trade Books
27 West 20th Suite 1102
New York, NY 10011
F- 212.727.0195

Midpoint Trade Warehouse
5701 Ranch Dr.
Little Rock, AR  72223



 For All Other Accounts, Contact:

Balfour Books, LLC
P O Box 2180
Noble, OK 73068
tel: 877.887.0222

Balfour Books Warehouse:

414 US Hwy 77
Lexington, OK 73051

tel: 877.887.0222
fax: 888.308.1756