Balfour Books, LLC
Balfour Books is always ready to look at manuscripts that fit within the parameters of our purpose. If you have a finished book or a partially finished book, and you think you would like to submit to Balfour’s review committee for a possible review, then please follow the steps below. This will allow Balfour’s staff to quickly assess your subject matter, writing style and the probability of successfully bringing your book to our reading public.

  • All manuscript materials, whether completed or partial portions, should be created and sent to us in a Microsoft Word format, either digitally or on a CD-ROM.
  • For initial submissions, ideally we would like to see a first chapter, last chapter and a middle chapter. We can work with less, but the more we can see, the quicker we can assess your work.
  • Your manuscript should come in an easy-to-read font, such as Helvetica or Times New Roman. Chose a 12 or 14 point size.
  • Please read and edit your submission thoroughly before submitting to Balfour; any editing that has to be done in order to understand what you are trying to say takes more time.
  • Please refrain from any type of questionable language, innuendo, sexually oriented or inflammatory language, or any other type of language that would be generally found offensive.


Once your manuscript has been evaluated, you will be contacted regarding the status of your work.

Send all submissions to:

Balfour Books, LLC
PO Box 2180
Noble, OK 73068