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PROJECT 1The Palestinian Agenda: A Guide to The Leftist Networks
Our next release is scheduled for December 31, 2013, is the paperback entitled, the Palestinian Agenda: A Guide to The Leftist Networks, by Jim Fletcher.

In this volume, Jim Fletcher in a masterful manner uncovers the networks  and agendas of the political left that are a working behind the scenes in the Christian evangelical community.

The areas covered include:

  • leaders
  • funders
  • groups
  • issues
  • books
  • & bloggers


These forces are working in an unrelenting fashion to infiltrate, coop and subvert the pro Israel Christian establishment with an anti-Israel narrative.

Status:  In Layout

PROJECT 2Christian Persecution in the Middle East: A Clear and Present Danger

This publishing project will address the progressive issue of Christian Persecution in the Middle East written by Jim Fletcher and Michael Curtis with whom Balfour Books has worked on multiple books in our past.

Status:  In Planning

PROJECT 3Five Questions You Need to Ask About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

And finally,in this short educational series, acclaimed historian and scholar, Alex Grobman tackles 5 of the most driving questions facing the bipartisan audience of the Israel-Palestinian Conflict; namely:

Book One: Whose Land Is It?

Book Two: Is There A Campaign to Delegitimize Israel?

Book Three: Israel’s Faltering Image: Does Media Bias Exist?

Book Four: Is Israel Held To A Double Standard?

Book Five: What is The Arab Boycott?

Status:  In Planning

These books are of special import not only because they are amazing in themselves, but because they educate and activate the reader into true pro Israel advocacy. We are looking forward to seeing these projects through to completion.

Currently the these projects are at different phases of production.